Career Planing Center


The center was established in 2021 under the name of “Office for Placement of Graduates” with the aim of establishing a link between new and future graduates of EAC and their potential employers. The center is on growing and increasing its functions and responsibilities, reporting directly to the President’s Office. The aim of the center is to help new graduates to find positions where they will improve themselves using their knowledge and abilities. Another aim of the Center is to help graduates, dissatisfied with their present working conditions, to find new career opportunities appropriate for their experiences.

Besides, CPC organizes activities in order to inform students about the sectors & firms, starting from the beginning of their education at EAC and to prepare them for the business world. Besides, companies can attach their advertisements for available vacancies. The Centers held once or twice every year, in March and/or in November. This activity, aims to introducing all students to “business life” at early stages of their college education, and to give them guidance and perspective on their future career decisions.

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