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Dear East Africa college students and community welcome to East Africa College! On behalf of East Africa College I would like to host a message for our students

East Africa College a college that aims to produce competent and entrepreneurial graduates in diverse demand, driven field of study, undertake community based problem solving researches, and support peace, democracy and put the base for local, national and global development. In line with our mission this year in addition to regular academic lecture class we are complete all facilities and ready to provide a  short term training for all of our students learning in all modalities. East Africa college assured that our students are internationally competent, disciplined, highly skilled and solves the community problem we all faces by using their knowledge and skill as an instrument to solve the problems and sustained our countries development. Together, we have focused on our efforts on hard work and quality education. Finally  I encourage you to check out east Africa colleges website, telegram, Facebook page and YouTube channels to stay informed about the on-going work that we are doing and wish you that success keeps and following you in future career and efforts in that you do.

Beeksisa Afaan Oromoo

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