Message from CDE

Message from Continuous and Distance Education

Welcome and thank you for your interest in distance education of the East Africa College. As an institution in distance education in Ethiopia, Continuous and Distance Education is proud of its academic excellence and contribution of its quality education to all. If you are looking for quality distance education and want discover and create new knowledge that will help you to make a difference in your community, then East Africa College is a place where you can excel. Why study with us Join us and pursue the East Africa College Distance Education programs and you will;

  • Receive quality education that is globally competitive
  • Acquire worthwhile knowledge that will make you stand out among peers both as an employee and as an entrepreneur running your own business.
  • Gain knowledge that will empower you to make decisions that will positively enhance your career.
  • Acquire knowledge that will respond to the changing needs of today’s world.
  • Flexibility: you can usually set your own pace of study
  • Networking opportunities: mix with many people from many places.
  • Cost: a distance-learning course often costs less than a full-time degree. Payments are staggered.
  • Accreditation: nationally recognized qualifications.
  • High Quality: we ensure that the distance learning programs and qualifications are of the same high quality as campus-based programs.
  • Travelling: there is no need to travel to and from class every day.
  • No classroom sitting: you work from your home

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Tamire Dawud

August 23, 2021 at 7:04 pm

East Africa College delivers high quality instruction
that empowers students to compete globally and to
contribute to the economic growth of today’s


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