Since its establishment, has strived to enable students, faculty, and the community on the whole to benefit from new information technologies. The basic aim of the Library is to meet the information needs of both EAC users. Answering readers’ inquiries is among the most important duties of the library staff. EAC’sLibrary covers an area of 6 m². The Library serves 1000 simultaneous sitting readers.

Users are directed to the library resources and services so as to ensure effective use of library
resources through the reference services. EAC is also changed all its books to catalog system so that student access books of their interest. There are protocol agreements between EAC Library and the AAU libraries.

The Library makes useof the latest technological developments in providing automated services to the
users. Many of the library services are also available on the mobile
application which is accessible by smart phones using in Colleges network
coverage area.

The Library is open from 08:10 AM to 1:30 PM in weekdays and from 09:00 PM to 12:30 at weekends in the academic semester.