President Message Regarding Research Conference

Welcoming Speech


Musa Dima Genemo (PhD C)

President, EAC

Dear Mr. Molu Salessa, Managing Director of East Africa College

Distinguished guests

Invited participants

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the EAC’s first national conference. We are great full for all our sponsor, Adama City Administration, Oromia Education Bureau and Ministry of science and Higher education (MoSHE). This Annual conference is one of our more visible activities, and, to my mind, one of our most important. Research is the essential component of the higher institution that bring scholars together to share their research finding, innovation and contribution to Education quality and countries prosperity.

I believe that, this annual research conferences and publications are few of the venues to disseminate research results to the end users. I also believe, the conference have immense contribution in our educational endeavor and serve us reference materials for fellow researcher and ensure the relevance of our education by providing local data. Above all, we have created this scientific forum and contributed to cross fertilize ideas and enhance networking and collaboration and advance research in higher education in Ethiopia and abroad.

We believe national conference by itself is not sufficient to enhance the credibility of higher institutions. The policy makers, community and research supporting institutions are demanding relevant and quality research output that addresses societal problems. However, our country’s higher institutions are not meeting the expectations of the community and policy makers in the research front. There is also a strong critic that, the little research conducted is victim of shelving and duplication.

I believe this event is vital to global research community, because it brings researchers with fresh and innovative idea of today’s and tomorrow’s research activities to exchange real-world experiences, building on each other’s successes, and avoiding some of the pitfalls.

I believe that is why the discussions at this event are particularly productive. Over the next two days, the experts gathered here from different university, manufacturing industry and Sell Company from national wide will strive to get to grips with the issues that challenge education quality.

Aimed at broadening a clear understanding on long debated concept and practical implication, this annual research conference is devoted to pay a particular focus on demonstrating the nexus between research and education quality. Hence, the theme of conference is coined us ‘’ Supporting Educational Quality through Research and Development’’. The theme of the conference is picked in recognition and the relevance of the issue in advancing need based research. We believe that, the topic is relevant and a means to redress research from individual driven to demand driven. The fundamental and pillars of Ethiopian research and innovation policy emphasizes.

Before coming to a close of these remarks, I would also like to remind you and especially our moderators to strictly stick to our time schedule and not to let any session overrun. I hope that the contacts established during the conference may bind us in one vision. A vision on achieving better tomorrow together. I sincerely hope you will enjoy today and the next day of debate and networking. Your presence indicates a professional commitment for research excellence in Ethiopia and beyond. May I now respectfully invite Mr. Molu Salessa Managing Director of East Africa College to officially open the first annual research conference of East Africa College.

Thank you for your participation and I wish you all a very fruitful conference.

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